2020 Call for Panels

We are so excited to offer a wide range of panels at BluesGeek, but we need your help! Panels are not only a mechanism for discussion, but they are a great place for dancers who have been doing research to shine.

If you are interested in submitting an idea for a panel, please read through the requirements below. DEADLINE MAY 1.

 Photo by Brad Nathanson
Photo by Brad Nathanson

Types of panels

We are accepting proposals for two kinds of panels:

  1. Exploratory Panel (1 hour): 
    Discussion of Personal authenticity and blues dance.
  2. Midnight Moment (15 minutes): 
    Think of it like a Ted Talk – a brief but well-researched discussion on blues culture.
 Photo by Brad Nathanson
Photo by Brad Nathanson


Please submit the following information to us with the subject line “Panel Application”:

  1. Your name, contact information, and home dance scene.
  2. Which type of panel you are applying for (see Types of Panels section of this page).
  3. Title of Panel
  4. Summary of the panel and why the content would benefit the Blues community (250-500 words).
  5. List of supplies needed (e.g.projector and screen; sound equipment; etc.)

If your proposal does not meet the above criteria, it will not be considered.

What you get out of it

If we accept your proposal:

  1. The chance to have meaningful discussion with your dance community.
  2. Panelists are required to pay full tuition to the event; however, if your panel is chosen you will be offered the following reimbursement:
    $75.00 USD for a 1 hour panel
    $40.00 USD for a 15 minute panel