NOTE: For our digital format, the level placement process is no longer happening, though you’re still welcome to use the materials here to check your progress.

Self-Placement (Required for Registration)

Don’t know what to look for? Here are some questions you can ask yourself!

  • Level 1: open to any dancer

    You need to learn fundamentals, including aesthetic and basic movements.

  • Level 2: open to any dancer

    You have had a primer in fundamentals and you can execute basic movements with a partner. You have experienced some styles of dance and can sometimes differentiate between styles of music.

  • Level 3: level check class or video

    You have an expanded vocabulary (aesthetic and movements) and have started to incorporate musicality. Your movements typically match the song style. You can safely execute movements with a partner.

  • Level 4: level check class or video

    You consistently demonstrate, describe, and differentiate between a range of styles and movements, while maintaining blues aesthetic. You include some layered movements. You can observe and work out movement execution.

  • Level 5: invitational

    Note: You can audition for Level 5 by attending the Friday morning level check class or submitting for video placement.

VIDEO Placement (Optional)

If you would like to be in Level 3 or 4 this year and DON’T want to get up super early for Level Check during the weekend, you can submit a 1-minute video to this Airtable.
A team of judges will evaluate your video and provide you with a level placement.

Level Check (Required for levels 3 and 4)

On Friday morning before classes, there will be a 45-minute Level Check class. This is REQUIRED if you want to be in Level 3 or Level 4. There is also opportunity to place into the Level 5.
*If you choose to do video placement, you are not required to participate in Level Check.

Appeals Process

Before appealing, we request you take the Friday morning classes at the assigned level – you may be pleasantly surprised! If after you attend Friday morning classes, think you were misplaced in a level, you have the option to go to an appeals session during the LUNCH BREAK ON FRIDAY.