Payment Plans

Payment Plan Policy

Individuals are welcome to utilize payment plans if they would like break up the total amount they owe to the event into smaller payments.

Individuals utilizing a payment plan will receive payment invoices via PayPal. 

To set up a payment plan, individuals simply need to contact the event and inform us of their proposed schedule.  This should include a detailed schedule of what day each payment will be due by and the proposed amount that each payment will cover.  We are willing to work with just about any schedule proposed, as long as the attendee is paid in full by the date of the event and the attendee agrees to cover any increased payment processing fees that their schedule may incur the event.

If an attendee does not adhere to their agreed upon payment schedule, they may be subject to forfeiting their place in the price tier they registered with and be bumped up to the event’s current price bracket for their pass type. Two weeks late on a payment without notice will result in forfeiture.

No payments will be accepted after the event and all attendees must be paid in full before being allowed to check into the event at the registration desk.

You can set up your payment plan and direct any questions you have to our contact page with the subject heading “Payment Plan.”