We’re doing level placements a bit differently this year!

We understand that your dancing may look and feel different depending on style and idiom. You may know LOTS about Struttin’ but only a bit about Texas Shuffle. Your Savoy Walk could be on point but your Stride may need some fine-tuning. To accommodate where you are in your dance journey, BlueGeek will have fluid level placement!

What does fluid level placement mean? It means that we want to help you get the MOST out of idiom classes that you can. To that end, we are giving you the option to switch between levels depending on the class content. We have a number of resources that can help you determine your placement for any given idiom.

Here’s an example: If you are placed at a peak Level of 3, and you have taken a LOT of Texas Shuffle classes, then go ahead and take Level 3 Texas Shuffle. Alternatively, if you are placed at a peak Level of 3 but have only taken a couple basics class previously, then you have the option to drop down to Level 1 or 2 for Texas Shuffle.


Flowchart – Don’t know what to look for? Here are some questions you can ask yourself!

Level 1– open to any dancer

You need to learn fundamentals, including aesthetic and basic movements.

Level 2 – open to any dancer

You have had a primer in fundamentals and you can execute basic movements with a partner. You have experienced some styles of dance and can sometimes differentiate between styles of music.

Level 3 – placement class or video

You have an expanded vocabulary (aesthetic and movements) and have started to incorporate musicality. Your movements typically match the song style. You can safely execute movements with a partner.

Level 4– placement class or video

You consistently demonstrate, describe, and differentiate between a range of styles and movements, while maintaining blues aesthetic. You include some layered movements. You can observe and work out movement execution.

Level 5 – invitational

Note: You can try to be placed in Level 5 by attending the Friday morning placement class.


Have you ever wanted a visual idea of what levels look like? Well you’re in luck! Adam and Krystal Wilkerson teamed up to provide you with these wonderful practice videos exploring idioms at different levels.

REMINDER: While the Wilkersons are demonstrating skills for Levels 2, 3, and 4, only Levels 3 and 4 require audition.

NOTE: These videos demonstrate a certain level of partnership and quality of movement – not necessarily movements you have to replicate move for move. If you submit a placement video, it should simply show competency for the level you choose to audition for, with these videos acting as a guide.


 Krystal and Adam Wilkerson Krystal and Adam Wilkerson

placement class (required for levels 3 and 4) –

On Friday morning before classes, there will be a 45-minute peak level placement class. This is REQUIRED if you want to be in Level 3 or Level 4. There is also opportunity to place into the Level 5.

This placement class will be available again on Saturday morning ONLY for those students who were unable to attend classes on Friday.

vIDEO placement (Optional) –


If you would like to be in Level 3 or 4 this year and DON’T want to get up super early for auditions during the weekend, you can submit a 1-minute video to this Airtable: https://airtable.com/shr4ZMJD75b3SYrw5

A team of judges will evaluate your video and provide you with a “Peak Level” placement. “Peak Level” means that this is the highest level you may take, and we trust you to move to a lower level if you need to work on a particular idiom.

Appeals Process

If you think you were misplaced in a level, you have the option to go to the audition class on Friday morning.