BluesGeek Foundation

We’ll have our own site soon!

Our Mission

The Foundation is a sustainable resource system aimed at helping local organizers. Having been there ourselves, we know how much it takes to run a local community. We want to share the weight.

To that end, we have focused programming, including:

  • strategic marketing

  • business development for organizers

  • event management

  • community building, and more.

These programs are meant to raise awareness of the dance and to help develop/grow organizers and communities across the US.

We will still be doing Geek 2019, as well as a few new projects that are coming your way… but we are just as focused on helping cities grow at the local level. With less things taking up a organizer’s time, we think they will be re-energized and invigorated to tackle more outreach in their community, do their best at less things, or create completely new projects.

Blues Dance Research Department

Several members in the scene have been doing fantastic work to compile and record information on the dance and keep it preserved for generations to come. However, many of the next steps our team of researchers want to take require substantial funds. With your help, we’ll be able to properly support several projects aimed at archiving and providing a free community database of content for the scene at-large. Later this summer, we’ll be announcing different ways you can support us with your financial gifts, apply to become a Foundation research analyst, and/or present a new project to for the Foundation to pursue.

Our First Research Project

One of many projects in the making, we are partnering with Mike Legenthal to support their Blues Dance on Film database and help make it a reality. We’ll let Mike take it from here:

“The Blues Dance on Film database is a free, publicly accessible database to give people all over the world access to clips of blues dancing. Our short term goals include building a massive, easy-to-search database so that people can search for and watch clips by dance style, time period, region, and more (requiring no more computer literacy than shopping on Amazon). Long term goals include purchasing rights to clips currently owned by archives, and preserving/restoring/digitizing video that has yet to be studied. The current scope of the database is limited to blues and blues-jazz videos that come from outside the modern blues-dance community, and clips featuring dancers who were immersed in the music/movement cultures in question.”

Right now, you can submit videos you know about at Mike’s website and we’ll go to work tracking them down and securing licensing rights. We are working diligently behind the scenes to launch the first iteration of the database and will update you all as soon as we have a release date.

Join The Team!

We have a stellar group that has gathered in the past few months to build the Foundation in its infancy. We will be taking moments over the next couple of months to introduce you to them and explain how critical their roles are. However, we still need help in several areas to achieve the goals we have outlined above and several we’ll be discussing soon.

We are primarily looking for people who would like to become more involved within the community, but may not have had the chance to explore that interest in their home scene. We’d like to get more people involved to help grow and connect our national community. Depending on the position, this could easily take 2-4 hours each week to include a few weekend commitments throughout the year. If you have experience in the following areas, we would love to chat with you more about what we are doing and see if you are a good fit to help us.

Graphic Design
Marketing experience
Newsletter writing / design
Social Media management
– Dance History
– Music History
– Information Gathering
– Interviewing Skills
– Data Collection
Business management
Community outreach
Fundraising experience
Grant writing experience

If you’re interested, contact us at and let’s discuss how we can add you to the team!!

Even if you’re not interested in joining the organization, we could use your help in several ways.

1. Share this post. We need more people to see what we are doing and get excited about the goals we want to accomplish. We want the entire blues dance community to see this and get involved!!

2. Consider supporting us financially. Like we said up above, many of the challenges we want to tackle will require funding and your gifts will allow us to maintain a free, open database to the entire community. In the next few months, look for our announcement on when you can officially give towards the Foundation. To donate:

3. Let us hear from you. We can’t solve or tackle problems or launch new ideas if we don’t hear from you. You can always send us a email at to discuss a new idea and we’ll find a way to make it happen if it falls within our goal and vision.

Thank you for supporting us this far and we believe together we are going to create something that the whole community can support and benefit from.