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What is Blues Geek?

Q: What is the Blues Geek concept and philosophy?

A: Blues Geek is a workshop weekend designed to explore blues music, dancing, and the modern culture in a way few have seen before. Blues Geek serves as an intensive hands-on blues weekend offering a variety of dance classes and live music. Truly what makes Blues Geek unique among blues dance events is its focus on exploring blues in modern culture. Whether you are taking a dance class or attending one of the many academic and community-building panels, the weekend is aimed at helping dancers grow and become more aware of the historical past of the dance and music, and more in tune with where the community as a whole is going. This year, we are excited to focus on blues idioms. Not sure what that means? That’s fine! We have an entire weekend to tell you about them.

Q: When can I register?

A: Registration is now open!

Q: How can I submit panel presentation ideas?

A: Go here: https://www.bluesgeek.com/panelproposals/

Q: Will there be competitions?

A: Not this year. BUT there are opportunities to win passes to other events. See details on EXHIBITIONS here.

Q: How can I determine what track level to take?

A: This year we are offering four track levels. Not sure where you land? Check out our handy dandy chart (Below). Have more questions, check out our other leveling resources.


Q: HOw much is full weekend admission?

A: Starting from $125.00USD. Check out pass info here.

Q: How much is a weekend dance pass?

A: The Festival Pass is $75.00 USD. Check out pass info here.

Q: Are there Payment plans available?

A: Yes, we offer payment plans for registration. For more details: https://www.bluesgeek.com/passinfo/

Q: Will there be a la carte pricing?

A: Yes. Pricing to be announced.

Q: How much to sign up for Exhibitions?

A: $7.00 USD

Q: i won a pass for bluesGeek at another event – what do i do?

A: If you have not already done so, email info@bluesgeek.com with the subject line “Pass Won.”

Q: Will there be swag?

A: Hahaha. Yes. Yes there will. TBA.


Q: How can i sign up to be housed by a local dancer?


Q: How can i sign up to Host?

A: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfoey6V16_5ypn0gmHHatfKk-V0YXUhTn3CNG1XpZWcAoo4cg/viewform

Q: how does housing work?

A: Those wishing to be housed with a local dancer must fill out the housing form in its entirety. Housing applicants are taken on a first come basis and according to how many spaces are available. You will be contacted with your housing assignment before the event.

Q: Is there other housing available?


Q: who is the housing coordinator?



Q: how can i sign up to volunteer?

A: Fill out this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfDeZz6_D7QtjOG2v3tTZNBM4KgrynYtt4fUYytyMnIfv4JmA/viewform

Q: how does volunteering work?

A: Those wishing to volunteer must fill out the volunteer form in its entirety. Volunteers are taken on a first come basis, as needed. Volunteers are required to have paid registration in full and will be reimbursed per hour worked. We will try to give you the hours you request, but we cannot guarantee full reimbursement of registration. Volunteers will report to the Volunteer Coordinator.

Q: who is the volunteer coordinator?

A: Jasmine Eisner


Q: who are the instructors?

A: Check ‘em out here.

Q: How can I determine what track level to take?

A: This year we are offering four track levels. Not sure where you land? Check out our handy dandy chart (Below). Have more questions, check out our other leveling resources.

Q: will there be class auditions?

A: There are video auditions for Levels 3 and 4. More info here.

Q: Can I move between levels?

A: YES, with some restrictions. We are giving you the option to switch between levels depending on the class content. We have a number of resources that can help you determine your placement for any given idiom. More info here.

Q: What is the Class schedule?

A: https://www.bluesgeek.com/classes

Q: Where are the classes (venue)?

A: https://www.bluesgeek.com/classes


Q: What are the panels we keep talking about?

A: BluesGeek panels serve to educate attendees on multiple aspects of blues and provide opportunities within the community for expression and share knowledge. 2019 goals TBA.

Q: How do i submit an idea for a panel?

A: Info here.

Q: What is the submission deadline?

A: April 15, 2019.

Q: What is the Panel schedule?


Q: Where are the panels taking place (venue)?

A: https://www.bluesgeek.com/classes


Q: Where are the dances happening (venue)?

A: https://www.bluesgeek.com/classes

Q: What bands will be playing?

A: https://www.bluesgeek.com/musicians

Q: What dJs will be spinning?

A: https://www.bluesgeek.com/djs


Q: What kind of competitions are available?

A: There are no competitions in 2019. HOWEVER, we will be having Student Exhibitions, for which dancers can win passes to other events. Find out more here!

Q: What does it cost to sign up for Exhibitions?

A: $7.00 USD.

Q: When/where can i sign up for Exhibitions?


Q: What is the Exhibition schedule for the weekend?



Q: Where are classes?

A: https://www.bluesgeek.com/classes.

Q: where are panels?

A: https://www.bluesgeek.com/classes.

Q: where are the dances?

A: https://www.bluesgeek.com/classes.


Q: do you have a safe space policy/code of conduct?

A: Yes. You can read it here: https://www.bluesgeek.com/code-of-conduct-safe-space-policy/

Q: Do you have a refund policy?

A: Yes. You can read it here: https://www.bluesgeek.com/refund-policy/

Q: Do you have a Payment Plan policy?

A: Yes. You can read it here: https://www.bluesgeek.com/passinfo/

Coordinators and other important people

Q: who is Housing coordinator?


Q: who is Volunteer coordinator?

A: Jasmine Eisner

Q: who are the safe space coordinators?

A: Elizabeth Kilrain and Derrick Rice

Q: who is mc?

A: Joe Pangburn

Q: who are the organizers?

A: Heather Adkins (Event Director) and Kenneth Shipp (Foundation Director)