Organizer Summit

Organizer Summit – June 1

Meet and train with organizers from all over the country! This is a full day event, taking place on Monday. Led by organizers from the Ujima Blues Foundation. THIS IS AN ADD-ON. Entry into Organizer Summit will be $50.00.

BluesGeek 2020 Organizer Summit: It takes a village.

The theme of this year’s BluesGeek event is authenticity. Over the weekend, we will be exploring what that means for you as a dancer. On Monday, we’re going to help you figure out what authenticity means for you as an organizer. This all-day summit will be less about the what and the how of organizing and more about the who and the why. We’ll have sessions on various topics, including:
  • Figuring out our identities and strengths as organizers
  • Setting goals for ourselves and our scenes
  • Connecting with each other and sharing ideas and experiences
  • Workshopping skills for avoiding and coping with burnout
  • Deciding who we are are as an organizer community and talking about our cooperative vision for the future
This summit will be interactive and fun, with the goal of forming deeper relationships with each other. Whether you’re just getting your feet wet or are a seasoned organizer, we invite you to join us! The summit is estimated to be 8 hours in length (six hours of content with a two hour break).

Class descriptions to be announced soon.