Organizer Summit

Organizer Summit

Meet and train with organizers from all over the country! Led by organizers from the Ujima Blues Foundation. Caroline Leitschuh and Suzanne Julian will be hosting weekly online learning sessions in May leading up to the digital event. These sessions will be free and open to all (aimed at current and prospective organizers) and happen Monday evenings at 8:00 pm Eastern time.

Dates and Topics:

May 4: How we’re not ok and what we can do about it

This moderated discussion will be about how things are not normal (in fact, they are very hard!), and how we can cut ourselves some slack while still being there for our communities.

May 11: Keeping continuity in community engagement

This combination information and discussion session will cover shorter-term strategies for maintaining our communities. Topics will be guided by the discussion and will likely include digital lessons and music, digital social engagement, connecting to the greater community, and addressing the loss of the physical community.

May 18: Effective and personable communication through digital media

We’ll discuss tips for good communication through different digital media formats, and then practice these skills through exercises.

May 25: Transitioning to the new normal

It’s going to take time to get back to dancing and being in the same space with each other, and nobody knows what this transition will look like. This discussion will talk about what this transition might look like, some of the ways we can prepare for it, and how we can take the positive elements of digital events and continue to implement them as we move forward. THIS IS AN ADD-ON. Entry into Organizer Summit will be $50.00.