I was so excited for BluesGeek! Why won't there be an in-person event this year?

In short, social distancing and significant travel uncertainty. With the CDC requesting that all events with more than 50 people be cancelled through late May, we at Ujima felt the best way we could show our love for the blues community and public health would be to not have an in-person event this year. BUT, we were still determined to give everyone a chance to geek out about blues and have a great weekend of dancing. So we decided to create a new format to meet those goals.

What IS BluesGeek Goes Virtual?

It is our answer to a dance education weekend when social distancing is in play. We will have most of the previously scheduled events online (some pre-recorded and some live) rather than in-person. This includes nightly dances! More details about this will roll out as they become more solidified. 

So, how will it work?

We're still working out the details, but the overarching idea is all classes/panels/etc. will be held online. All registrants will receive a code or link to the content the week leading up to the event. Registrants can then follow along with videos (some pre-recorded, some live) at home.

That sounds great! When can I register?

Registration is open now! Click here and join us!

How much is it?

Find out on the Registration page! ... $80. The answer is $80.

I registered already. Will I get reimbursed?

Prorated reimbursement will be available, but we need some time to prepare. We will contact registrants when we have additional details.  

What about add-ons? (Student idiom exhibitions, Organizer summit, Throwdown comp lab, DJ mentorship)

Some of these events are really experience-specific, so it will not necessarily be the same for each of the add-ons. We are working with the coordinators for each of the add-ons and will provide additional info soon.  

Can I buy a single (or two or three) classes?

No. In the interest of not breaking the internet, and out of respect for our instructors, you have to register for the entire event.  

Will the class videos be available for permanent purchase? Or only available during the weekend?

To be determined. 

My cohabitant/ neighbor/ practice partner and I want to do Geek Goes Virtual together! Do we each need to register separately?

Please register separately. While we recognize that it is easier to practice with 2 or more people in one's living room, we still need to be able to cover our budget for the event, which means everyone who wants to benefit from classes should still formally register. 

Can I get a dance only pass?

There is not a formal dance only pass; however, if you would like to join the nightly online "dances," we request that you make a donation to Ujima.

Will there still be levels for the online classes?

Some, but not all, of the videos will be leveled. Levels will be self-placed; we strongly encourage you to use the leveling resources on the website so that you take classes that best meet you where you are in your dance development.

Will the classes still be targeted to different levels?

There will be a greater emphasis on open-level classes, but some idiom-specific leveled classes will be available as well. 

Will this happen next year too?

We certainly hope the pandemic won't last that long! We can better answer this question after this year. 

If I already registered for in-person Blues Geek, do I need to re-register for a cyber pass?

No - we got you. We'll be in touch.