About Us

Geeks Will Unite!

BluesGeek is a workshop weekend designed to explore blues music, dancing, and the modern culture in a way few have seen before.

ABOUT BluesGeek, the event

Founded in Nashville and hosted in St. Louis, BluesGeek serves as an intensive hands-on blues weekend offering a variety of dance classes and live music. Truly what makes BluesGeek unique among blues dance events is its focus on exploring blues in modern culture. Whether you are taking a dance class or attending one of the many academic and community-building panels, the weekend is aimed at helping dancers grow and become more aware of the historical past of the dance and music, and more in tune with where the community as a whole is going.

About Ujimia Blues Foundation

The Foundation is a sustainable resource system aimed at helping local organizers. Having been there ourselves, we know how much it takes to run a local community. We want to share the weight.

To that end, we have focused programming, including:

  • strategic marketing
  • business development for organizers
  • event management
  • community building, and more.

These programs are meant to raise awareness of the dance and to help develop/grow organizers and communities across the US.

Learn more: https://www.bluesgeek.com/foundation/

Event History

BluesGeek made its first appearance at Nashville’s 3rd Mo’ Better Blues workshop weekend in 2017. Originally, the BluesGeek concept was represented as only academic and community-building panels hosted by several blues dancers from around the country. In 2018, BluesGeek premiered as its own event, inclusive of panels, dance classes, competitions, and live music social dances. Beginning in 2019, the city of St. Louis will be BluesGeek’s home.

Event Organizers

Heather Adkins,

Event Director/
Foundation Asst. Director

Kenneth Shipp
Event Adviser/
Foundation Executive Director

Adam Wilkerson
Event Adviser/
Foundation Advisory Board