BluesGeek 2020

Geeks Will Unite!  May 29-31, 2020 on a series of tubes (the Internet). GET IT!

BluesGeek serves as an intensive hands-on three day blues weekend offering a variety of dance classes, exploratory panels, and live music. Learn more about Geek’s history here

Due to the novel coronavirus and concerns about public health, BluesGeek 2020 will be a virtual experience as opposed to an in-person event. For more information about this change, please see our FAQ

2020 Mission

  • Examine your dance: Learning how to self-evaluate and set/reach goals.
  • Note: With the transition to online, there will be more emphasis on practice and how to level-up from home. 

2020 Goals

  • Classes: Provide a structure by which students can gain an understanding of how to self-evaluate and set/reach goals.
  • Music: Amazing dance-at-home parties with interactive components. 
  • Panels: Personal authenticity and blues dance. Exploring what made individual musicians and instructors what they are/were